A Risk-Free Decision: SelectHCM’s Reimbursement Program

Many vendors have programs in place with SelectHCM, whereby if an agreement is signed, the vendor will partially or fully reimburse you for our Select service fee.

Based on our strong ability to narrow down hundreds of vendors to the few who are the best fit for your needs and budget, providers are willing to offer reimbursements because our shortlisting methodology reduces their sales process and labor costs by 50-75%. These reimbursements are passed along to our clients - so utilizing our services can be a risk-free, low-cost or no-cost decision.

Pricing Calculator

Enter your current employee count and annual “HCM spend” to view your potential reimbursement.

The reimbursement value is based on the actual annual value of the final agreement between vendor and employer. All client reimbursements will be paid within 30 days of the employer signing an agreement with the vendor. This program includes most vendors, however we will be fully transparent if your vendor shortlist includes providers not offering this program. Selections of a non-participating vendor are ineligible for the reimbursement program.

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