Predictive People Analytics

Goodbye Reports. Hello Insights. Meet the isolved Predictive People Analytics platform. With the power of AI-based solutions, HR teams can now visualize workforce metrics to better plan for changes in the employment landscape. The analytics platform empowers an organization to firmly establish the links of critical events and evolving corporate metrics, such as productivity and turnover, and ultimately close the loop on how people strategies impact business results.

isolved Predictive People Analytics is a powerful tool that ensures your operations continue to run at peak efficiency. As a result, managers will be able to identify and address small issues before they have an opportunity to grow into large problems. These comprehensive analytics provide historical trending and predictive modeling so an organization can see how it got to where it is, and what needs to be done for a more productive tomorrow.


Key Features Include:

  • Voice Navigation & Visual Assistant – Access to a seamless and powerful voice navigation via a virtual assistant so that HR professionals and employees can simply to “ask for” the information they want to see.
  • Dashboards – Configurable views of all key people metrics centralized or segmented into user defined groupings that don’t require experts to interpret data.
  • Historical Trend Analysis – Trend all key metrics over user defined time periods.
  • Key Events Overlay – Correlate key events over trend analysis to better understand what happened and the effects
  • Predictive Modeling – Use trended data to plot scenarios that can help decide what actions are best for the business and the workforce.
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) – As applications have become more robust, the complexity in navigating to desired data points and creating the optimum views of that information has also increased.

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