Time & Labor

Integrated with payroll, isolved Time and Labor Management ensures accurate payroll and compliance while efficiently managing time, labor, and attendance across your entire workforce—even employees who are remote or on the go. Empower staffing managers to assign schedules and collaborate with employees from any connected device—mobile, tablet or workstation—all while managing requests and making shift adjustments on the fly. isolved Workforce Scheduling allows employers to quickly schedule employees as large groups or an entire organization. Quickly categorize employees, set schedules, communicate shift shortages and requirements, and predict future workforce needs.

Key Product Features:
  • Occurrence “points” tracking: Incentivize good punch habits and automate corrective actions
  • Geofencing: Set location boundaries for clocking in and out
  • Multiple alert-notification options for late punch, missed punch, and more
  • Easy process for managers and admins to remedy incorrect punches
  • Custom attestation questions: Did you take your break today? Did you get hurt today?
  • Scheduling, Advanced Scheduling and shift swaps
  • Labor allocation capabilities

Expense Management

Streamline the expense reporting process with an easy-to-use single system of record that seamlessly integrates with isolved Payroll and simplifies the expense report process.

Key Product Features:
  • Analysis Dashboards and Reports
  • Configurable Approval Workflow
  • Consolidate Expenses for Payment
  • Customizable Expense Types
  • Entry Shortcuts – Trip and Guest
  • Multi-Country/Currency Support
  • Receipt Images and Attachments

Clock Hardware

Choose from traditional swipe cards, proximity readers, key code entry, touch screens, or biometric access with a finger scan. Biometric technology protects your business from buddy punching and time theft. Mix and match any clock with mobile, computer, import, and kiosk methods of time capture


The next generation in robust and flexible time collection with true plug and play installation.


Realize time and cost savings with more authentic and accurate time tracking data.

Velocity 850

Velocity 850 Biometric TimeClock with Job Costing & Department Transfers

Velocity 850 Rugged

Velocity 850 Rugged Edition Time Clock with Job Costing & Department Transfers


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